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Pp. 20-24. Bengtson, Historia4, 1955, pp. C. 32 that no wheat was available at Delos after September of Kleostratos' year, then Philadelphos' gift to Athens must have been made before that time at the latest, provided that the accepted date for Kleostratos in 282 is, in fact, correct. 72 The evidence of the decree for Kallias may now be adduced in support of Dinsmoor's dating of the Delian archons. When the accounts of Kleostratos are dated in 281, the rapid inflation in the price of wheat can once again be understood to reflect the tumultuous events of that year.

260, F 2, 2-3; A. E. Samuel, PtolemaicChronology,Munich 1962, pp. 25-28. C. to describe the royal accession in official Ptolemaic documents. Thus we read of the day on which Ptolemy III succeeded to the throne: Kato E s v 7TrETo V Kac ElKaoa rov 'V avrov 7trvos, ev 7rapeaf3ev r)v faaLAEtav rrapa Trov rarpos (OGIS, 56, line 6); and the Rosetta Stone of Ptolemy V opens similarly: faaAEv'ovTosTrovveov KaL rapaAafovros rnv faaacXAdavTraparov 7rarpos (OGIS, 90). These passages refer specifically to the time when the son was officiallyreckonedto have begun his reign after the death of the father;51 anthere is every reasonto believe that the same phrase in the decreefor Kallias should indicate the beginning of Philadelphos' sole rule after the death of Soter.

It would be natural to suppose that Kallias' troops actually sailed to Attica from Andros on Zenon's cruisers, and the documents even give some indication that Zenon should perhaps be regarded as Kallias' superior officer. The decree for Zenon describes his activities as taking place at the time when the decree was passed. The present tense of the verbs ErtpEAEtrat and [ed]Ko,udoirat allows no other interpretationsave that Zenon's honors were voted while the harvest was still being gathered, although presumably the task was nearly complete.

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2-very ampleness for adjoint bundles of ample and spanned vector bundles on surfaces by Lanteri A.

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