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Turned inward 4 Fed elixir by an evil hag 5 Feelings of helpless turned into rage 6 Heard thoughts that were not your own 7 Intense physical pain wracked body 8 Left for dead, and then… 9 Located someone lost by concentrating 10 Nearly beaten to death 11 Prophecy was fulfilled 12 Raised from the dead by a powerful cleric 13 Saw someone die by magic 14 Spoke with the dead 15 Spurned by family or loved one 16 Struck by lightning 17 Survived attack from magical beast 18 Survived encounter with malicious fey 19 Unexplained visions of other worlds 20 Witnessed unspeakable atrocity Table 1–75: Wizard’s Test/Final Exam 1 Add to a sacred tablet of unique wisdom 2 Cast a spell for maximum effect 3 Cast a spell under odd conditions 4 Craft own staff to particular spell or totem 5 Decipher a magical script from elder days 6 Decode another wizard’s spellbook 7 Defend against a magic assault 8 Discover and name a new star 9 Make an accurate prediction 10 Memorize an ancient treatise on spell craft 11 Perfect an abjuration for a specific evocation 12 Recite an entire spellbook, backwards 13 Recite alchemical truths to council 14 Remain hidden from magical detection 15 Reverse-engineer a magical ring 16 Summon and bind a planar creature 17 Teach a new student a minor spell 18 Train and bond with familiar 19 Transform one thing into another 20 Weave own robes with special fabric 31  CHAPTER ONE  Animals Table 1–76: Animal Companions, Common 1 Badger 2 Bandog 3 Boar 4 Camel 5 Cat 6 Crow 7 Dog, hunting 8 Eagle 9 Falcon 10 Ferret 11 Hawk 12 Horse 13 Owl 14 Rat 15 Raven 16 Snake, constrictor 17 Snake, poisonous 18 Vulture 19 Weasal 20 Wolf Table 1–77: Animal Companions, Exotic 1 Bear 2 Condor 3 Cougar 4 Coyote 5 Eagle, giant 6 Elk 7 Griffon 8 Hellhound 9 Hippogriff 10 Hyena 11 Lion 12 Lynx 13 Nightmare 14 Owl, giant 15 Pegasus 16 Tarantula, giant 17 Tiger 18 Wolf, dire 19 Wolf, winter 20 Wolverine Table 1–78: Mount Names 1 Blackjack 2 Buttermilk 3 Caine 4 Comet 5 Destiny 6 Empress 7 Evening Mist 8 Gypsy Rose 9 Lady Cinnabar 10 Legacy 11 Masterpiece 12 Midnight Dancer 13 Moonbeam 14 Morning Glory 15 Mystro 16 Silverbright 17 Tangent 18 Tribulation 19 Wildfire 20 Windfall Table 1–79: Familiar Names 1 1 Aegis 2 Bandit 3 Banshee 4 Barron 5 Border 6 Catcher 7 Colt 8 Creeper 9 Duke 10 Elegy 11 Ever 12 Firebrand 13 Firestarter 14 Goblin 15 Grace 16 Guilty 17 Gypsy 18 Haze 19 Hunter 20 Indigo 32  CHAPTER ONE  Table 1–80: Familiar Names 2 1 Iron 2 Jak 3 Jasmine 4 Jitter 5 Joker 6 Jubilee 7 King 8 Liberty 9 Lucky 10 Major 11 Masquerade 12 Master 13 Mauler 14 Mischief 15 Misery 16 Mugger 17 Parker 18 Pepper 19 Phantom 20 Queen Table 1–82: Familiar Feature 1 Extra front and/or back toes 2 Exceptional fur pelt 3 Exotic-colored eyes 4 Hairless 5 Has burned skin patches 6 Has crossed eyes 7 Has fleas/mites 8 Missing half of tail 9 Mixed colored eyes 10 Notched ears 11 One eyed 12 Overly long feathers, whiskers, etc.

9 Come and get some! 10 Death before surrender! 11 Death stands before you! 12 Eternal sleep awaits! 13 Fear me! 14 Feel my judgment! 15 Feel my wrath! 16 For Faith and Light! 17 For Good’s sake, you must die! 18 For honor! 19 Have at you! 20 I am the instrument of your death! Table 1-85: Battle Cries 2 1 I am your doom! 2 I’ll make this quick! 3 I’ve a grave ready for you! 4 May Gods take you! 5 May I have this dance? 6 No quarter! 7 None shall avenge you! 8 On guard! 9 Scavangers will feast on you!

7 None shall avenge you! 8 On guard! 9 Scavangers will feast on you! 10 Take your place in Hell! 11 Taste my steel! 12 Time to die! 13 To the death! 14 To the hells with you! 15 Victory shall be mine! 16 Your cold grave waits! 17 Your death awaits! 18 Your time is through! 19 Your time is up! 20 You’re next! Table 1–86: Colorful Phrases 1 1 Ah, the sweet smell of desperation (when you are about to beat an opponent) 2 All will be apples (everything will be all right) 3 Before they come to roast the pig (before the law comes to collect you) 4 Caper can-do (I’ll take the job, I can do it) 5 Come-hither Gilflirts (ladies out for an evening of fun) 6 Don’t tell, crawl the shell (don’t confess, hide out) 7 Easy the tongue, will you (cease your gossip) 8 Edge of the world (go to the limit) 9 For the ears of the goddess (hold your tongue) 10 For the love of the gods (exclamation) 11 Git soapy and nick (visit the bathhouse and barber) 12 Green around the gills (feeling ill) 13 Hay up the prancers (feed the horses) 14 He could teach a mouse timid (he’s cowardly) 15 He’ll be in the fess-house until he’s cleared (wrapped up in court) 16 He’s a well-rattled man (sturdy adventurer) 17 He’s tipped and gypped (he’s drunk on rotgut) 18 His glister is good but he’s got no skill (all show) 19 Howbee berk (how are you today) 20 I’m clicking, let’s smile (I have the coin for a night on the town) 34  CHAPTER ONE  Table 1–87: Colorful Phrases 2 1 I’m gritting steel (I am in pain) 2 Insist all the longer (we're still doing it my way) 3 I’ve just run some swag up (I’ve procured stolen goods for resale) 4 Laugh till you find the spark (chin up) 5 Look for the painted lich (seek the old woman with too much makeup) 6 May the shines grin on ya (may the gods smile upon you) 7 No bootlicking will save you now (in diplomatic trouble) 8 Not since I was ankle-biting (not since I was a child) 9 Precision is passion’s enemy (stay abstract from intense feeling when working) 10 Sad escapes and lullabies go home (there’s no good news) 11 Shark’s oiling the bench (constable following orders) 12 Still by windows, some are running (they still think they can get away with it) 13 That’s wrestling an elemental (it is an impossible task) 14 There’s a devil guise aside for me (I’ve done questionable things) 15 These people are grey (there aren’t evil guys and good guys, it’s just a bunch of guys) 16 This place is tight as a tendriculos (security is high here) 17 This sit is crook (this situation is bad/wrong/poor) 18 Ware rum-lovers by the docks (be cautions of drunk pirates) 19 What doesn’t kill you defines you (or makes you stronger) 20 You’ll see the daisy-digger (you’re going to be dead and buried soon) USING CHAPTER ONE Character Motivation 4 9 Hide someone’s identity Birthmarks 3 Charging horse Inheritance 3 Business Phobias 8 Haphephobia.

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