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A Boundary Value Problem for the Dirac System with a - download pdf or read online

By Kerimov N. B.

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The saturation signals of layers thicker than 300 nm are equal and the use of these layers is not reasonable, especially since the interaction kinetics of such thick layers are very slow and the analyte molecules will not interact with the evanescent field until sorbed into the sensitive domain. 02 pi / pi0 . Here the change in layer-thickness has more bearing on the signal. The isotherms of the SPRmeasurements are all curved up to higher concentrations. In any case a compromise between the aspects of signal height and kinetics has to be found.

Levine JR, Cohen JB, Chung YW (1991) Surf Sci 248:215 15. Salditt T, Metzger TH, Peisl J, Goerigk G (1995) J Phys D: Appl Phys 28:A236 16. Salditt T, Metzger TH, Peisl J, Reinker B, Moske M, Samwer K (1995) Europhys Lett 32:331 17. Naudon A, Babonneau D, Thiaudiere D, Lequien S (2000) Physica B 283:69 18. Smilgies DM, Busch P, Papadakis CM, Posselt D (2002) Synchrotron Rad News 5:35 19. Müller-Buschbaum P, Cubitt R, Petry W (2003) Langmuir 19:7778 20. Müller-Buschbaum P, Hermsdorf N, Roth SV, Wiedersich J, Cunis S, Gehrke R (2004) Spectrochimica Acta Part B: Atomic Spectroscopy 59:1789 21.

4 Simulation of two-dimensional GISAXS scattering pattern assuming an array of cylindrically shaped nano-dots as explained in the text with a variation of the width of the nano-dot distance distribution: a w = 30, b 50, c 100, d 150, e 200 and f 300 nm. 48◦ in horizontal direction is well comparable with the accessible range using a set-up at the HASYLAB High-resolution GISAXS Yoneda wing at α f = αc (see Fig. 2a). Depending on the experimental resolution this will enable a separation of both signals along the α f -axis (or qz -axis) of the detector and thus a proper separation of the diffuse and the specular scattering, which is essential for the GISAXS analysis (see examples within this article).

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A Boundary Value Problem for the Dirac System with a Spectral Parameter in the Boundary Conditions by Kerimov N. B.

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