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In a similar vein, people relate to computer systems at many different levels of abstraction. A complete understanding at every level is not necessary to use a computer. You do not need to be a mechanic to drive a car. Similarly, you do not need to be an experienced programmer to use a word processor. 7 shows the level structure of a typical computer system. 7: The Level Structure of a Typical Computer System. Some Systems do Not Have Level 2. • Level 7 (App7): Level 6 (HOL6): Level 5 (Asmb5): Level 4 (OS4): Level 3 (ISA3): Language dependent on application program Machine-independent programming language Assembly language Operating system calls Machine language Chapter 1: Computer Systems 49 50 Chapter 1: Computer Systems Level 2 (Mc2): Level 1 (LG1): Microinstructions and register transfer Boolean algebra and truth tables Programs written in these languages instruct the computer to perform certain operations.

Stanley Warford Jones and Bartlett Publishers © 2002 Acknowledgments Pep/1 had 16 instructions, one accumulator, and one addressing mode. Pep/2 added indexed addressing. John Vannoy wrote both simulators in ALGOL W. Pep/3 had 32 instructions and was written in Pascal as a student software project by Steve Dimse, Russ Hughes, Kazuo Ishikawa, Nancy Brunet, and Yvonne Smith. In an early review, Harold Stone suggested many improvements to the Pep/3 architecture that were incorporated into Pep/4 and carried into Pep/5 and Pep/6.

Corporate Annotations Includes supplemental CD content which can be downloaded by clicking the link found on the Table of Contents page Offers a full text Adobe PDF which can be retrieved by clicking the download tool. Offers a downloadable Microsoft Reader file which Chapter 1: Computer Systems 51 52 Chapter 1: Computer Systems can be retrieved by clicking the download tool. Offers a downloadable Palm file which can be retrieved by clicking the download tool. Offers a full text Adobe PDF which can be retrieved by clicking the download tool.

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