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By 一郷 正道; イチゴウ マサミチ; Ichigo Masamichi

ISBN-10: 1430207256

ISBN-13: 9781430207252

ISBN-10: 1430253614

ISBN-13: 9781430253617

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If X used to be an int, but now has to be a long, you'll now get 1,000 compile errors. If you fix the problem incorrectly by casting the return value to int, the code will compile cleanly but won't work. ) You have to modify the code surrounding every one of those 1,000 calls to compensate for the change. I, at least, don't want to do that much work. Now consider the case of a Money class. S. dollars, it has a getValue() method that returns a double and a setValue() that sets a new value. The first problem is that you can do nonsensical things with money, illustrated in the following code: Money a, b, c; !!

The modeling must stay in the "problem domain" as long as possible, as I mentioned in the last rule. What gets most people in trouble is that they think they're doing domain 31 32 CHAPTER 1 PRELIMINARIES: 00 AND DESIGN PATTERNS 101 modeling but are actually modeling at the implementation level. If your messaging system isn't using the vocabulary of the problem domain-if it doesn't make sense to an average end user of your program-then you're doing implementation-level modeling. Things such as computers (or worse, the databases or UI-construction kits) have no place at this level of modeling.

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A Study of the Third Volume of the Bhavanakrama of Kamalasila by 一郷 正道; イチゴウ マサミチ; Ichigo Masamichi

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