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By Howard Zinn

ISBN-10: 1583229450

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A younger People's background of the USA brings to US background the viewpoints of staff, slaves, immigrants, ladies, local american citizens, and others whose tales, and their influence, are not often integrated in books for adolescents. a tender People's historical past of the USA is usually a better half quantity to the folks converse, the movie tailored from A People's heritage of the us and Voices of a People's background of the United States.
Beginning with a glance at Christopher Columbus's arrival throughout the eyes of the Arawak Indians, then major the reader in the course of the struggles for employees' rights, women's rights, and civil rights in the course of the 19th and 20th centuries, and finishing with the present protests opposed to persevered American imperialism, Zinn within the volumes of a tender People's background of the us offers an intensive new approach of knowing America's background. In so doing, he reminds readers that America's actual greatness is formed through our dissident voices,...

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But there was much conflict within the colonies. Slave and free, servant and master, tenant and landlord, poor and rich—disorder broke out along these lines of tension. In 1713, Boston suffered a severe food shortage. In spite of the city’s hunger, a wealthy merchant named Andrew Belcher shipped grain to the Caribbean islands, because the profit was greater there. A mob of two hundred people rioted, broke into Belcher’s warehouses looking for food, and shot the lieutenant governor of the colony when he tried to stop them.

The whites felt superior to the blacks, and they looked at blacks with contempt. They also treated the blacks more harshly and oppressively than they treated each other. Was this racism “natural”? Did the whites dislike and mistreat the blacks because of some instinct born into them? Or was racism the result of certain conditions that can be removed? One way to answer those questions is to find out whether any whites in the American colonies viewed blacks as their equals. And evidence shows that they did.

New laws were passed to punish the poor, imprison them in workhouses, or send them out of the country. So some of the poor were forced to leave their homes for America. Others were drawn to America by hope—or by promises and lies about the good lives they would have there. Many poor people bound for America became indentured servants. They signed an agreement called an indenture that said that they would repay the cost of their journey to America by working for a master for five or seven years.

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A Young People's History of the United States. Columbus to the War on Terror by Howard Zinn

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