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Org. htm. In 2006 the results of a five-year study by the University of Oslo showed negative psychological effects associated with abortion five years after the procedure. The study included eighty women who had abortions and forty who had suffered miscarriages. The women were given several questionnaires ten days, six months, two years, and five years after the event. Does Abortion Have Long-Term Effects? A Pro-Choice Perspective of Abortion’s Effects In the last 30 years, researchers have considered the long-term implications of terminating a pregnancy.

Some states require parental consent, while others only require they be notified of the procedure before it takes place. In twenty-two states a minor must have the permission of one or both parents before she can legally have an abortion. There are eleven states that require one or both parents to be notified of the procedure, and two states require both parental consent and notification. Recent polls indicate Americans overwhelmingly favor parental notification, with only a slightly smaller percentage willing to take the restriction a step further and require parental consent.

Due to scientific advancements the number of birth control and abortion options has greatly increased. Many of the mysteries of child development in the womb have been revealed through modern technology. 36 More Abortion Questions Americans expressing an opinion today are far more likely to have an informed opinion than they were thirty-five years ago. In addition to a better-educated public, advances in the field of medicine are making it possible for infants to survive outside the womb as early as twenty-two weeks.

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