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Achieving Your Dreams. By Building Your Faith - download pdf or read online

By Jerry Falwell

ISBN-10: 1418552585

ISBN-13: 9781418552589

This e-book is drawn from the 1st 4 chapters of Building Dynamic Faith, excited by major anyone to the salvation selection.

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Mine was on January 20, 1952. I met Jesus Christ and have never been the same since. The foun- dation for all I’ve done was built that day. I had no idea at the beginning of 1952 that my life would be turned inside out on January 20. The Sunday morning began uneventfully. I awakened early to the smell of hoecakes and bacon wafting up the stairs in my direction. In those days I wondered if Mom used an electric fan to blow those wonderful smells into my bedroom Sunday mornings. For a moment I lay there breathing in my mother’s love, but wishing she would let me sleep in just one Sunday morning.

The weeks crawled. Nothing happened. After six Sundays, I approached Max Hawkins to tell him I was quitting. ” Mr. Hawkins reached out for the book. “I didn’t think you would make it. ” I gripped the roll book and pulled it away. Hawkins just shrugged his shoulders and walked away. I went back to the college and asked the dean of students for a key to the empty dorm room on the first floor. Each afternoon for the remainder of the year, I went and prayed from 1:00 to 5:00. There was no mattress on the bed, and I stretched my body over the springs.

Nearly five decades later, Thomas Road Church has 24,000 members, and the Old-Time Gospel Hour, which can be seen and heard in every American home and around the world, has led over three million persons to Christ. Dr. Falwell is also publisher of the National Liberty Journal, a monthly newspaper, and the Falwell Confidential, a weekly e-mail newsletter to over 500,000 pastors and Christian activists. In June 1979, Dr. Falwell organized the Moral Majority, a conservative political lobbying movement.

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