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Download e-book for iPad: Advanced Mechatronics and MEMS Devices by Jörg Eichholz, Torgny Brogårdh (auth.), Dan Zhang (eds.)

By Jörg Eichholz, Torgny Brogårdh (auth.), Dan Zhang (eds.)

ISBN-10: 1441999841

ISBN-13: 9781441999849

ISBN-10: 144199985X

ISBN-13: 9781441999856

Advanced Mechatronics and MEMS Devicesdescribes cutting-edge MEMS units and introduces the newest know-how in electric and mechanical microsystems. The evolution of layout in microfabrication, in addition to rising matters in nanomaterials, micromachining, micromanufacturing and microassembly are all mentioned at size during this quantity. complicated Mechatronics additionally offers a reader with wisdom of MEMS sensors array, MEMS multidimensional accelerometer, man made dermis with imbedded tactile parts, in addition to different issues in MEMS sensors and transducers. The publication additionally provides a couple of issues in complicated robotics and an abundance of purposes of MEMS in robotics, like reconfigurable modular snake robots, magnetic MEMS robots for drug supply and flying robots with adjustable wings, to call a few.

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The building block of the hierarchical system, is the standard rhombus mechanism, or conventional flextensional mechanism, described above. These units are connected in series to increase the output displacement. Also these units can be arranged in parallel to increase the output force. The salient feature of this hierarchical mechanism is that these rhombus units are enclosed with a larger 30 J. Ueda rhombus mechanism that amplifies the total displacement of the smaller rhombus units. These larger rhombus units are connected together and enclosed with an even larger rhombus structure to further amplify the total displacement.

US Patent 6,574,958 4. Conway N, Traina Z, Kim S (2007) A strain amplifying piezoelectric MEMS actuator. J Micromech Microeng 17(4):781–787 5. Diaz IM, Pereira E, Feliu V, Cela JJL (2009) Concurrent design of multimode input shapers and link dynamics for flexible manipulators. IEEE/ASME Trans Mechatron 15(4):646–651. 2031434 6. Dogan A, Uchino K, Newnham R (1997) Composite piezoelectric transducer with truncated conical endcaps “cymbal”. 658312 7. Dogan A, Xu Q, Onitsuka K, Yoshikawa S, Uchino K, Newnham R (1994) High displacement ceramic metal composite actuators (moonies).

This makes the rhombus mechanism at the second layer more compact as shown in Fig. 3; the length in the x2 direction is reduced. Namely, the height h1 in Fig. 2b, which is a nonfunctional dimension for strain amplification, can be reduced. These size reductions allow us not only to pack many PZT units densely but also to increase the effective strain along the output axis. 2 Piezoelectrically Actuated Robotic End-Effector. . 31 x2 z2 y2 y0 x0 z0 z1 y1 x1 PZT stack Fig. 2 Prototype Actuator Unit A prototype nested actuator with over 20% effective strain is designed based on the structural compliance analysis.

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Advanced Mechatronics and MEMS Devices by Jörg Eichholz, Torgny Brogårdh (auth.), Dan Zhang (eds.)

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