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In complex visible uncomplicated 6, best visible uncomplicated specialist Matthew Curland demonstrates powerhouse suggestions programmers can use to jot down high-performance, powerful, and reusable VB code. Readers how you can leverage the shut relationships among VB, COM, and OLE Automation, extending the envelope of VB's functions and development high quality, object-based platforms. Key subject matters comprise how to:* regulate VB array variables explicitly to at once entry arbitrary reminiscence destinations* name tips to average, cdecl, and sophistication module features* combination whole interface implementations into any VB item* Override features on any interface, together with these applied immediately by way of VB* flip any user-defined style right into a light-weight COM item* reduce reminiscence utilization in platforms with a lot of gadgets* properly create and deal with threads in ActiveX EXEs and DLLs* have interaction with messages to customise windowed and windowless UserControl objects.The site accompanying this booklet comprises wide resource code samples to permit all concepts with no exterior DLLs. It additionally offers built-in style library add-ins for developing and enhancing referenced libraries, enhancing binary compatibility documents, and customizing the sort libraries that VB generated for ActiveX elements. With this compendium of top practices, subtle innovations, and helpful utilities, VB programmers will achieve a deeper figuring out of VB's internal workings and have the ability to expand its object-oriented services.

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There is no need to modify the array descriptor. I'll use a reduced version of NormalizeArray called CountArrayElements to determine the element count. pvData = 0 End With End With CountArrayElements = lSize End Function 36 ADVANCED VISUAL BASIC 6 'New, simplified calling code. Note that the error 'trapping is no longer necessary as the error handler 'was needed only to restore the array descriptor. 'This works for multi-dimensional arrays only 'when bounds checking is turned off. Public Function TotalItems(Values() As Currency) As CurrencyDim i As Long Dim LowerBound As Long LowerBound = LBound(Values) For i = LowerBound To _ CountArrayElems(VarPtrArray(Values)) + LowerBound - 1 TotalItems = TotalItems + Values(i) Next i End Function Miscellaneous Tips for Using Arrays There are a few more general comments on arrays I'd like to make that defy categorization.

In a normal situation, the lock on the array prevents the memory referenced by the With context variable from being freed. However, in the current case, the lock is merely a harmless side effect. Everything in the With clause references the memory indicated by the state of the SafeArray at the With statement. VB does not look at the SafeArray from within the With block, so it does not see changes to the value of pSA(0). This allows you to modify this value with impunity. The bottom line is that you can use a module-level descriptor/array pair in reentrant situations if you guarantee that the array descriptor is valid just before accessing an element of the array.

A fixed-size array has FADF_STATIC and FADF_ FIXEDSIZE set, and a fixed-size array in a structure adds the FADF_EMBEDDED flag as well. VB doesn't generate arrays with the the FADF_AUTO flag set, but I'll use it later in the chapter to indicate that the array descriptor is allocated on the stack. VB plays some nasty little games with the fFeatures flags and local fixed-size array variables. ) Although VB allocates the descriptor for a local fixed-size array variable on the stack, the data for the array is allocated on the heap with SafeArrayAllocData.

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