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New PDF release: Ageing, The Body and Social Change: Agency and Indentity

By Tulle Emmanuelle

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Body projects The other process which has provided a space for bodies to be regulated is consumption and narcissism. Featherstone (1982, 1987) has been instrumental in bringing to light the impact of consumption on bodies. From his body of work, notions such as the rationalisation of bodies, the unfinished status of the body and the construction of embodiment as body work in the pursuit of a body project add up to an argument which links the rise of consumption with the achievement of socially and culturally valuable bodies.

We become ourselves in and through our bodies because we both have and are our bodies. Over time we forge a relationship with our bodies which contributes to the Debates in the Sociology of the Body 33 development of our self-consciousness and of our ability to be reflexive. Drawing upon the work of George H. Mead, Crossley identifies habituation or repetition as a key process in which self-consciousness and reflexivity develop. The point is that our selfhood is incorporated, that is embedded in our bodily sensations and bodily awareness, such that over time we come to know ourselves as both object and subject.

It is a source of the social, a location for the 34 Ageing, the Body and Social Change social and a means of attaching individuals to the social. Thus, for Shilling (2005), the body, either as a symbol or as the locus of emotional states, can initiate change in the social. How useful are these developments to make sense of marginalised bodies? Clearly some bodies are problematic. As we saw in Chapter 1, ageing bodies are on the whole experienced as deviant, inimical with social and cultural capital, and ontologically problematic.

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Ageing, The Body and Social Change: Agency and Indentity Among Ageing Athletes by Tulle Emmanuelle

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