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For many crystals with pure van der Waals interactions, there are several phases with different lattice structure, but similar lattice energies. Phase changes driven by temperature variations or relatively low external pressure can thus readily be observed in many crystals. This is also true of the weak D-A-complex crystals, in which in the ground state no charge transfer has yet occurred. Crystal twinning is also relatively easy to produce in these materials. In this process, crystals are formed which consist of two or more regions with the same structure, that is with the same stacking of the molecules, but however different orientations.

The right-hand columns indicate the reactivities qualitatively for the case of thermal activation and for γ irradiation. Other substituents have been given by Enkelman. After [10]. 4 Thin Films through the structure of the poly-diacetylene crystal (p-TS6) with the substituents R1 = R2 = CH2 -paratoluyl-sulfonyl-oximethylene. Its crystal structure (Fig. 10) is monoclinic and contains two polymer units in the unit cell. The polymer chain is planar and the triple bonds are conjugated with the double bonds.

An important aspect is their strong dependence on the distance, corresponding to r–7 . Furthermore, they are proportional to the polarisability of the molecules. 2 Van der Waals Forces The van der Waals forces in the strict sense, also called dispersive forces, are the attractive forces between two neutral, nonpolar molecules, for example anthracene molecules, which thus have no static dipole moments. Were the charge distribution within the molecules rigid, then there would indeed be no interactions between them.

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